Canvas Example.jpg

Star Designer Canvas

Role: Researcher and Designer
Project Duration: 12 months
Project Year: 2014/15
Sponsor: Aalto University

Have you ever wondered how some designers had managed to create a very strong and successful brand? What is their secret? Is it luck? And finally, can I do it? 
I took these questions as a starting point of a long and extensive research that included interviews with successful designers and product managers from companies like Iittala and Vitra. The answer for the last question is "yes you can"! (I am not trying to sound like a person from Obama campaign) There are no secrets. It is process that can be replicated. There might be luck involved, but that luck can be created. The result of this research is a practical tool that asks the right questions and guides you through the creation of your personal branding plan. It is intended primarily for product and furniture designers, but with few modifications it can be easily used for almost any occupation. The branding canvas was tested with design students from various disciplines and it has received amazing feedback. 

Some of the quotes:

" made me thinking about strategies in a concrete way."

"You asked about the things I have no idea about, so I had to come up with some answers."

" motivated me to think about my personal goals and that the thing that separates me from my dream job, is only my fear."

"It was enlightening!"

More about the canvas and the research that has lead to its creation you can find in this blog post.