Foldable Kitchen

Role: Concept Designer
Project Duration: 6 months
Project Year: 2010
Sponsor: University of Arts - Belgrade

Foldable kitchen concept and kitchen appliances line fully responds to the modern lifestyles. It consists of 4 products only that may be used as separate elements (Ice hot – fridge/deepfreeze/oven, Dishmaster – dishwasher, Sidecooker / a cooktop and Panneli – screens). The whole kitchen is modular, the size of the elements the same and they are easily transformed. The appliances are mounted on mobile screens (Panneli), allowing simple change of kitchen appearance and mounting new and replacement of the old elements. Thus, the user designs his own ideal shape and adjusts the size and the form of the kitchen to his living space. The kitchen may also be completely folded and removed from sight. The screens allow for mounting the elements on both sides making the kitchen a functional partition wall. The appliances in the foldable kitchen concept are equipped with the most modern technology and may be connected in a functional whole.