A person Testing The Service

A person Testing The Service

Honestly Project

Role: Designer
Team: Kaisa Sundeson, Martina Frantzen, Panu Harju and Goran Bjelajac
Project Duration: 2 months
Project Year: 2014
Sponsor: City of Kauniainen and Aalto University

Honestly project was done as a part of 365 Wellbeing Helsinki Design Capital campaign and in collaboration with the city of Kauniainen. In this project, working with wellbeing for elderly, we saw that elderly seldom has contact with younger generations. We wanted to reduce the distance between generations by showing similarities between them. Honestly is about sharing experiences from elderly to younger generations. To achieve this we conducted interviews with various seniors in Kauniainen and asked them questions around topics that younger people might be interested in hearing about. Such as ”What do you regret in life?” and ”Who was your first love?”. All seniors have been teenagers and gone through similar emotions as teenagers do today. Being in love in the 1940‘s might not be so different from being in love today. Through a campaign in the city we hope to create interest for the Honestly website were the interviews are displayed in video format. The service is aiming to bring different generations closer together.

Project has been exhibited during Helsinki design week and Dutch design week.

Video about the project you can view here.