6 Best Commercial Kitchen Faucets By Consumer Reports 2021

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a commercial kitchen faucet for your business or planning to install one in your home due to a lot of activity. Commercial faucet model, unlike regular ones, look better. They are slim, tall and feature a minimalist design which makes them highly sought after for modern kitchen designs.

But are you aware that regular models are not as durable as commercial faucets?

However, the market is filled with a lot of models, which makes choosing the right unit overwhelming and stressful. Thus, we’ll review the six best commercial kitchen faucet, including the pros and cons of each model.

Top 6 Best Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Moen 5923 Align

If you’re in the market for one of the best pre-rinse kitchen faucets packing a lot of in-demand functionality and offering a professional, modern look.

This model is available in 3 finishes – chrome, stainless, and matte black – to choose from. Plus, all parts are made of metals. Its stainless option is designed to prevent your faucet from getting covered in fingerprints or water spots; thanks to the Spot Resist finish. The chrome finish offers a mirror-like look, which should work with the most kitchen style. Whichever finish you decide to splurge on, this model will quickly become your kitchen’s centrepiece.

More so, this model comes with a pulldown system that docks smoothly without any hassle. It is equipped with a 68 inches long hose, which provides you with easy access to all sink’s nooks.

Plus, its spray head comes with aerated stream function for effective everyday cleaning. Also, to enjoy more spray power, you can take advantage of the powerful rinse setting. Besides, it comes with a Powerful Clean technology that offers more spray power than the regular ones.

While the height of this model measures 22.5 inches long, the spout measure 8.75 inches tall. This dimension provides a lot of room to clean and fill large pots. Also, for users who need more manoeuvrability to rinse and wash in the sink, all you have to do is pull down the spray head.

Furthermore, Moen incorporated in this model DuraLast, which is a new ceramic disc technology. Moen kitchen faucet is engineered to withstand abuse and heavy use. This model is suitable for household hard water condition. Besides, it comes in a sleek and more compact design.

Hansgrohe 10820001 Axor Starck Semi-Pro

Are you looking for a minimalistic, semi-pro industrial kitchen faucet? While this model may not be attractive on first sight, It functions exactly like any high-end kitchen faucet. The Hansgrohe 10820001 Axor Starck Semi-Pro features economic cartridge and a solid brass body. Both features are well-known for their durability. More so its practical design and Slender form make this unit an attractive kitchen fixture as well as the functional faucet.

What’s more? Another benefit of this faucet is its efficiency. First, this fixture comes with a spout arm that allows users to swivel in 360°. Also, it produces two spray patterns that are easily toggled by pushing a button. Aside from these, maintaining this faucet is a breeze. This model comes with a tarnish-resistant chrome finish which ensures users spend a minute time cleaning this centrepiece fixture.

Hansgrohe 10820001 Axor Strarch sport a QuickClean technology responsible for Removing residue accessible and fast. Dirt, calcareous water, and others are some of the things this faucet is capable of withstanding.

Hansgrohe includes silicone nozzles which are fitted to its faucet aerators and shower jets. This incredible innovation ensures that this model is easy to maintain, remains functional, and limescale free.


This model is a high-end semi-pro faucet with a less impressive look, but on a closer look, it is highly efficient.

In 2011, Blanco 441332 Culina Kitchen Faucet won the Red Dot Design Award. This faucet is well-designed with the handle placed on its side, which makes installing this unit close to a wall hassle-free.

The spout is very easy to use; thanks to the flexible Steel spring. You can pull down the spout with ease, and it’ll find its way back, docking smoothly without any help.

VCCUCINE Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Looking for an affordable industrial kitchen faucet, this model from VCCUCINE should be on top of your list. It has a commercial-style design that works well in both a restaurant and home kitchen setting.

It is made of solid brass, which means this kitchen fixture will be able to withstand heavy use and abuse. Also, the ceramic disc valves increase this product durability and ensure that you have a leak-free operation.

While this product is only available in one finish option – brushed nickel, its neutral look makes it easier to fit most modern kitchen settings. Further, the spout has a high arc design, which makes it easier to fill big pans and pots. The pull out sprayer offers a powerful or aerated stream cleansing rinse.

Equally, this unit is easy to install and comes with all necessary hardware for quick installation. Another feature worth knowing is that this commercial kitchen faucet is quite heavy.

Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden

The Bolden is another fantastic commercial style kitchen faucet by Kraus brand designed for home use. It comes in a sleek design, and it is available in five finishes to help transform your kitchen style. The five finishes have high-quality tarnish resistance and corrosion.

The brass construction is lead-free, which makes long-lasting performance. Plus, the ceramic cartridges offer a drip-free use. Also, it features a smooth-retract nylon sprayer and a high arc spout, which makes this faucet appear professional.

Franke FFPD20850 Bern Semi-Pro Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

This one of the elegant yet straightforward faucet in the market. This model is designed to surprise you and your guests, as it quickly becomes your kitchen’s centrepiece.

Aside from looking great, this unit works efficiently as well. With a flexible hose and 360 degrees spout, Franke FFPD20850 is easy to handle. Also, it is suitable for both 3-hole and 1-hole sinks, which means you don’t have to worry about the sink you have at home.