6 Best Kitchen Faucets By Consumer Reports Canada 2020

One of the must-have features in any modern kitchens is a touchless faucet. They come with different amazing designed without compromising ease to use.

But are you aware that purchasing the best touchless kitchen faucet can reduce your consumption of water and save more on bills?

However, choosing the best unit for your kitchen can be overwhelming, so here are the touchless kitchen faucet reviews of the year. Also, we include the pros and cons of each faucet to help make the best choice.

If you are in the market for a motion sensor kitchen faucet, then you are reading the right piece. In this article, we’ll present the best models in the market and also, give further guides on how to choose the right unit for your kitchen.

While touchless kitchen faucets look might bear a considerable resemblance to one another, they have distinctive features that make them unique.

Without further ado, let review the best models for your kitchen:

Top 6 Best Kitchen Faucets


Do you want a top-rated touchless kitchen faucet, then Moen Arbor should be on top of your list, as there are not up to a handful of model claiming to be better than this unit.

With high-quality finishes and a high arc pull-down, this unit becomes one of the most sought after models in the market. This product functions using a motion sensor, which allows you to turn on the water by moving your hand in front of the top and base of the faucet.

This product comes with a 68-inch hose offering impressive manoeuvrability, which makes your day-to-day chores a breeze. The hose is designed to always return to its place; dock appropriately without guidance.

Further, the Moen Arbor has a pull-down want with two spray patterns. One of them works best with your everyday tasks, while the other packs a lot of power and better suited for cleaning dishes and pots.

What’s more? The spot-resist finish makes this unit unique. This model leaves no water spots on its surface, which makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

Sadly, some customers find this model too sensitive. This unit might turn on automatically if it detects movement in front of the faucet.


This model is an elegant touchless kitchen faucet with efficient power consumption. With Bohares kitchen pull-down faucet, you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries more often than necessary.

This unit comes with 4 AA batteries that should last about a year or two. The touchless pull-down faucet will add value to your modern kitchen. The model offers two unique water stream, which works using a motion sensor.

The motion sensor of this faucet is placed at its base and can be turned on anytime your hand move in front of it. The sensor automatically turns off when it detects any no activity for about three minutes.

Another impressive feature of this faucet is its lifetime guarantee. The manufacturer claims to replace any faulty unit with a new one provided you’re not the cause of the defection.

Besides, a plate is included that allows the faucet to be installed on 3-holed or single-holed ones, making installing this product easier.

On the other side, this faucet is a bit tall; therefore, water might splash if your sink is shallow.


Purchasing the best faucet for your modern kitchen requires you to look for not only a sleek, elegant model but also an effective one. Faucets need to be more than just an attractive piece, what use will it be if it functions poorly.

Fortunately, the Belanger touchless kitchen faucet offers a better solution to the prevalent issues. An infra-red motion sensor easily activates this piece. The sensor is placed at the faucet’s base. The unit is designed to turn off automatically if no movement is detected for three minutes.

Further, the water spray starts automatically immediate the pull-down wand is removed. Users can change the spray pattern by holding the switch placed on the wand’s top.

Belanger touchless kitchen faucet features a high arc. The arc height will make it easier to clean long trays and tall pots without spillage or any hassle. Also, it has an excellent, accurate sensor. This means it would only turn on when you get close.

Unfortunately, this model can be tiresome as it requires users to dock the pull-down wand manually.


This unit is an excellent option for those looking to renovate or build a modern kitchen. It looks good, lasts longer and performs well.

One of the best producers of pull-down kitchen faucet is MiKitchen. With easy installation and accurate motion sensor, this unit will add to most kitchen overall value. This model installation is a breeze and can be installed without professional help.

More so, its smooth lines and high arc allows this unit to add a touch of elegance to any modern kitchen. Sadly, this incredible faucet was not designed for left-handed individuals.


If you are in the market for a touchless faucet that packs functionality and elegance, then you consider this model from KOHLER. This model works better and looks even great.

This unit comes with a simple design but will not only fit your kitchen perfect and easily become your kitchen’s centrepiece. Just like a handful of faucets, it has an excellent motion detection sensor.

In addition, it requires minimal maintenance; thanks to the spray face designed to resistant to buildup. Sadly, the solenoid, a vital component, tends to malfunction.


This unit comes in four different finishes, which increases your chances of finding the perfect group that matches your other appliances and fixture.

Unlike other models reviewed in this article, it comes with a low battery LED indicator to notify when you need to change the batteries. Plus, this unit uses 6 AA batteries, which ensure it lasts long.

On the downside, this unit is not really touchless, as users have to touch the faucet to turn on/off the unit.