Goran Goci Bjelajac

I am a grand master of design (I have two master degrees) who is currently residing in Helsinki, Finland. I work as a design strategist. That means I do much more than purely making stuff pretty. I approach a problem from design, marketing and business point of view, helping companies innovate and guiding product development towards market success. I believe in thinking holistically, but still preserving lean development methods with quick prototyping and testing with real users. 

Throughout my career, I have worked in many areas, from industrial, to service and graphic design, but I have also started a company where I worked mostly on the business side of the company. With this sentence I wanted to say that I understand business and what is a market share and CAC. To emphasize that even more, I obtained a minor in entrepreneurship.

Still, I am learning and developing. I started as an industrial designer where I received some of the most prestigious awards like red dot design award and D&AD award, then I did service design and project management. Nowadays, I am working mostly on design strategy, including branding and UX/UI design. In general if something needs to be designed, I can do it and do it well.

If you want to see my CV, request it by sending me an email.