Junction Hackathon

Junction Hackathon that was held in Helsinki from 6-8th of November. It was one of many Slush Hackathons this year and most likely the biggest one. It attracted around 500 people from all around the world. Pretty impressive! For me, it was place to meet some of my friends and do something interesting, while having fun in the process. We were not interested in the prices, although those were quite substantial. We were mainly looking for having fun. 

Junction had many topics for teams to work on. We decided to work on the topic of Aero transport and all the problematics around it. It was just inspirational and something we were all familiar with. 

The idea we had was revolving around planning and booking your trips. Currently, the purchase of flights and accommodation is upside down. There are very good services that help you book the flights and accommodation, but nobody books flights because he wants to sit in the airplane or books the room because he wants to get room service. You book flights because you want to see new things and experience new stuff. That is the whole reason for traveling and we believed that purchasing the flight should start from there. So what we made? We made an app that asks you three simple questions.

Do you prefer urban places or nature? Do you like adventure trips or more chilled down vacation? And finally do you prefer warm or cold weather? After answering those questions, we fetch interesting experiences from all over the world that match your preferences.

After choosing the experience, user has the chance to immediately book flights, accommodation via AirBnB and the actual experience and all that directly through our app.

The emphasis was on simple UI and although it was done in two hours, it communicated the message quite clearly. The coders did amazing job and sourced information from different websites and also used API for airline tickets. So, in only two days, we had list of experiences, together with it price and location, flight information from your current location to the location near the chosen experience and a working prototype to demonstrate all that. It is quite shocking what a group of four can do in only two days. I wish I had this kind of efficient team with me at all time. Thanks Riku, Kristian and Risto for a great weekend.